Saturday, March 31, 2007

Senior Picnic

Although I'm using a magnifying glass, I might get some names wrong.
Left to right in front: Sharon R. and Ebba L. waving; Daisy W., Darlene H., H.A. Hoff, possibly David S. sitting in the shade, Ken Z. and Norman G. with his head turned. Left to right, standing up is Nancy S., sitting Carolyn M., Judy T., Mary Jane F., then possibly either Priscilla D. or Mary Lou S. waving, and Sally O. next to Darlene. Then back to the left again, I can't tell who is next to Nancy S. behind Carolyn's head, then Barb E. and Diane B., Kay A. and Lynne F., Nancy L. and Sara Y., maybe Pat B. with her head down, next to Ron D. and would that be Darrell M. with the open shirt? His head is down--can't see the face. I'm guessing the partial head there is Mike B. Then left side again I see Dorothy R. and behind her Nelson P., Jerry T., Jerry W., maybe Glenn R., then standing with the hat might be Greely, John M. showing some leg, Melvin K. and Nancy G., Francine K., and Dave B. I don't know where everyone else is--I'm taking the photograph. Maybe we divided into two groups or were waiting for some to return from hiking. I'm betting we had more than one chaperone! It was the 50s after all!

I didn't have this identified, so I'm going to guess that this was also the Senior Picnic because of Nancy L.'s shorts, and that they are ready to get on the bus. If it is the picnic, someone has shorts on under his jeans. Left to right, Nancy L., Norman G., Steve B., Jon M., and Bob C. I'm thinking Steve got a whole lot taller after graduation, because when he said, "Hi Corby," at the 20 year reunion, I looked up and asked him his name.

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Anonymous said...

Very interesting picture. I had much fun looking at it & trying to see if I could remember them all. I am going to try to answer this without the picture in front of me. I wrote down who I think they were before I read who you think they are.

In the front row sitting on the grass....I agree with you including Dave S. next to Ken Z. The two people next to Ken that are hardly visible I think the top one is Myron B. & the bottom is Norm G.

1st row on the bench I believe is Carolyn M, Judy T, Mary Jane, Mary Lou, Sally O, Darlene & Harold Hoff.

Standing on far left is me, the next I am unsure, Barb E, Diane, Kay, Lynne, Nancy, Sara, Pat B head down, Ron Duffy. I don't believe guy far right with head down is Darrell, but I haven't a clue who he is.

Next row is Darlene, Tom P, Jerry T, Jerry W, Next I haven't a clue, next I don't know, Jon M, Moe, Nancy, Fran & Dave. That is about the best I can do.

Nancy S.