Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Ruth and Ralph Crowell

A number of us in the class of 1957 knew this couple who lived on Hitt Street. Ruth and Ralph Crowell had no children--except the Corbetts, Potters, Burkes, Zickhurs, Balluff, Rittenhouses and Leopold. Ralph would get down on the floor of their living room with us with the box of toys Ruth kept for that purpose. After lots of giggles there might be a cookie or two appear from the kitchen. Ralph spent time in the back yard casting his fishing line for us to chase. I still have a cloth doll that Ruth made for me. She made two, but I loved the other one to death. Sadly, Ruth died of a heart problem in the late 1940s. Ralph was a WWI veteran and served in France. So when all our fathers were gone during WWII, he enjoyed his role as a stand-in. I don't think I ever saw him without a cigarette.

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