Friday, March 02, 2007

Proud to be Girl Scouts

Every store I've been in this week has a table set aside for the Scouts selling cookies. My neighbor came by with her granddaughter to pick up the donation I'd promised instead of purchasing cookies. So here's a wonderful memory written by Lynne F. with photos submitted by Nancy L., whose mom was our leader.

Our class had a large, very active Girl Scout troop in the 50s. We hiked, biked, had camping trips, rolled back the sod, cooked our hobo stew and made S'mores. We also had one memorable trip to Chicago on the train and two nights at the Palmer House--the hotel was never the same! We girls thrived on this and we were blessed with two leaders who were very good sports, Mildred Lamm and Velda Plum. Some girls stayed on and were Senior Girl Scouts through high school. My personal motivation may have come from that Hollywood movie magazine of the 50s which said Debbie Reynolds had been a Senior Girl Scout. I like to think it was the fresh air, exercise and friendship. To this day I buy Girl Scout cookies.

Left to right: Barb E., Norma C., Sara Y. and Nancy L. ca. 1951. Photo submitted by Nancy L. Verso says: "Ready to leave on our 2 day camping trip." Norma says: All I remember of G.S. camping is the cows coming to our tents and scaring us. I think this street is Emily.

Left to right at a Girl Scout play day, Robin Hood theme, April 1952: Carolyn M., Darlene H., Sharon R., Norma C., Donna B., Sara Y., Deb P. Salley O., Fran K., unidentified, Diane B., Marion D., Kay A. Back row, left to right: Nancy L., Lynne F., Mrs. Lamm, leader, unidentified.

Lynne remembers: This photo brings back a flood of memories. One hike we all took was the back way to the White Pines State Park. The roads were gravel then and it was a hot and dusty hike. Our leader, Mrs. L. had us take interval breaks in the shade. On one such break we all flopped down but soon. Fran K. was up jumping and gyrating like nothing we'd ever seen before. She had landed on a hugh ant hill and they took exception to it! Mrs. L. had us form a semi-circle while first-aid was applied to Fran's back side. Years later while watching the 60's program Laugh In and realiized that was Fran's dance they were doing--a cross between the Funky Chicken and the Watusi. Fran survived and so did the story. Fran K ever the good sport and joy to this day.

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