Sunday, March 18, 2007

Our two high school buildings

I thought the class of 1957 was the last one to use the red brick building built in 1918, but when I checked our annual, I see that the 1955 yearbook had a large photo of the classes streaming across the street, just as I remember. So the class of 1958 must have also had classes there. The yearbook of 1956 doesn't exactly say, but it was dedicated to all the members of the community who helped get the "new" building done, beginning with a study in 1946 which projected an increase in enrollment. It says the first unit ($483,263.27) was opened in September 1952, and the second ($421,736.73) had no date given, so it must have been fall of 1955. (Yes, R. Miller left a comment here at the photo of the incomplete building.)

For some reason, I remember the layout and classrooms better in the old building than the new. Study hall. Don't even remember that in the new one, but certainly remember some funny events in the red brick building. And assemblies. We used to have some pretty good programs. And watching the teen lovers in the cars in front of the school as the boyfriends would drop off their girlfriends. It was an interesting, educational lunch time activity. Someone will have to update me on what happened to this building. I know it burned some time after it was no longer used as a classroom building.

The photos were sent by Nancy S. and much appreciated.

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