Wednesday, October 10, 2007

A few more photos

These are on Sylvia's disc. This group is of the ladies' breakfast and the class reunion, both held at the Pines, and some parade and 4th festivities.

Barb and Nancy

Coach Sally with Nancy and Sara prepping for the parade

When did MMHS morph into Pinecrest?

Lynne, Jean, Sara, Salley, Judy ordering breakfast on June 30

Sunday, October 07, 2007

The busy reunion committee

Here's a photo of the hard working reunion committee meeting at the Saunders' home, and I've added Dwayne, Mary Jane and Nancy. Also a shot of the dining room at the White Pines State Park, the site of a life time of school and family activities and picnics for most of us.

from left: Diane, Marion, Lynne, Nancy, Greely, Salley, Jean (I assume Sylvia is taking the photo)

Dwayne and Mary Jane Z.


Getting everything ready

A few more photos

Sylvia has passed along a few more photos of the reunion on July 2. I think this one is a reunion within a reunion. At first I couldn't figure out why these four were together for a photo--then I remembered they all started school together at Center School north of Mt. Morris.

Judy, Sylvia, Barb and Glenn at the reunion, July 2, 2007

Front row, lst grade: Richard [not at reunion] Barb, Judy, Sylvia and Glenn at Center School

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Forreston's class of 1957

You may recognize some of these folks--15 miles down the road from us. The guys were probably on the sports teams, and I know some of the girls were cheerleaders. I don't know if Forreston had a football team, or golf and tennis teams then, but they did play some mean basketball, defeating the Mounders 60 to 44 in the '56-57 season with Mt. Morris defeating Forreston 75 to 72 in the '55-56 season, according to our yearbooks.

Sylvia and I could recognize the same three people. Carolyn now lives in Mt. Morris and has for many years; JoElla is Sylvia's cousin and my college roommate; and Geneva used to be a member of our class (I think she moved in 6th grade). Sylvia reports the photo appeared in the Ogle Co. Life, but I haven't located it online. The rest of the class went to Maxon's for dinner, that's why the group is a bit small. They obviously didn't have our excellent committee to corral them!!