Tuesday, November 30, 2010

National Honor Society election 1956

No date on this Index photo, but it says we were juniors (1955-56), and in the Yearbook photo the girls are wearing white shoes, so induction must have been in the Spring, because you know we all followed those fashion dictates in those days. The Yearbook reported that only 15% of a class can be elected, and the Index said the upper 25%, and both that the standards were rising. The class of 1956 had 8 members, ours only 5.

King and Queen of 4-H--Dwayne and Mary Jane

You can click to enlarge and read the story about two members of our class, Mary Jane and Dwayne being crowned King and Queen of the Ogle County 4-H clubs in Spring 1956. Nancy L. another class member was included in the Royal Court. What a lovely slight this must have been during the candle lighting ceremony.

Cheering on the team 1955

Actually, I'm taking a stab at the year--1955. I didn't get a story or a date with the scan of this Index photo. However, I see Donna Lamm, Judy Garrison and Pat Claussen, class of 1955 in their Pepster outfits, and possibly Jean Davis, and it's indoors, so we're pretty sure it's basketball. Almost in the middle I see Gayle Dickson, class of 1956, then to her right is Judy Thomas, and in front of her maybe Sig Shook, possibly Jane Kiplinger, and Diane Bechtold, and down in front Don Raney and possibly Chuck Wean; near foreground Darlene Ruter, Dolores Saunders, Janet Fleer, and on the end is Sybil Dohlen. They weren't even in high school yet! Lynne was able to spot herself, but I couldn't; think I see Darlene and possibly Mary Lou. Anyone else want to take a guess and who, what and when?

Birthday parties were big for the ladies of '57

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Can't be sure of the years, but I'm guessing the Lake Ripley event was May of 1952 or 1953,  and the party at the Olsens was 1954.  Does anyone have photos? Nowadays, everyone would have a cell phone camera and there would be 25-50 photos of each party!

Friday, November 19, 2010

A thank you note to the Kable Brothers Company

The bronze marker on the rock located behind the band shell on the campus and in front of the community gym reads:
50th anniversary
Kable Brothers Company
In grateful appreciation of the contribution made by its co-founders Harvey and Harry Kable, to the printing industry and the life of this community, their giving spirit has set a high standard of enterprise, integrity and kindness to our American way of life.
Erected by the businessmen's league of Mt. Morris, August 28, 1948.

Lynne sent in this photo and reports she doesn't remember the dedication and wonders if anyone else does.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Sophomore sports photos

The caption of the photo doesn't tell the whole story. The night before our guys creamed Mt. Carrol, a town much closer to our size. And even so, the varsity did beat Dixon, after a record setting performance the night before against Mt. Carroll.

I don't have all the golf scores, but it looks like the Mounders did well against schools our own size, and the yearbook says the backbone of the team was Glen R., Dick M., Ken Z. and Dick Z. Norm G. and Jon M. played with the junior varsity.

Music activities from 1955

Sylvia T. won a first at District Music Contest along with Mary Ellen K. and Jon M., and then went on to play at the University of Illinois at the State Music Festival in Urbana (I don't have the outcomes for the others). In this Index photo she is going over her music with Wayne Johnson. She still plays in the town band and is the organist for the Church of the Brethren. Band members also played for school assemblies, marched in the Homecoming parade, played for football and basketball games and with the choral groups participated in the Blackhawk Music Festival.