Tuesday, November 30, 2010

National Honor Society election 1956

No date on this Index photo, but it says we were juniors (1955-56), and in the Yearbook photo the girls are wearing white shoes, so induction must have been in the Spring, because you know we all followed those fashion dictates in those days. The Yearbook reported that only 15% of a class can be elected, and the Index said the upper 25%, and both that the standards were rising. The class of 1956 had 8 members, ours only 5.


Warner (aka ntsc) said...

If the white shoes are bucks, it may simply mean all the girls were in the band and it was photo day.

As late as 63-64 the only day of school girls, if they were in the band as well, could wear pants all day.

Norma said...

My recollection was we had rules about wearing white pumps, but for spring photos we might have pushed the season a little.

I do remember some rules about pants--pretty simple--you didn't wear them except for school picnic. Band uniforms excepted of course.