Saturday, October 31, 2009

Memorial tree's first fall

Our memorial tree had a lovely first fall, according to Lynne--it was lovingly watered and watched over by several '57 class members.

The leaves fall.
Autumn is closing the windows
on the year.
But this is just
a moment in time.
There is always that eternal hope
that looks ahead to the glorious green and
flowering life of a new springtime
just over the horizon.

Update: Another photo at a different shade in the color spectrum and angle as the season changes. Isn't it lovely?

Sunday, October 25, 2009

If you have these Mt. Morris books. . .

Hang on. They seem to be worth a lot of money. The Kable Brothers Printing anniversary book I saw for $200, and the Old Sandstone for $150 at a rare book site on the internet (forgot to note which one). I have the Memories of Old Sandstone--bought it a few years ago for $20. You might want to shop around.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

A 50's Fashion Story by Lynne

I begged my Mom to buy me two wool scarves--one pink and one yellow--it was the BIG fashion of the moment. I promised to have them dry cleaned at season's end (remember Cratty's on Main Street?). The first year I did, but by year two, I figured dry cleaning was killing my allowance (I had my 8th grade navy slacks pressed every Thursday for wearing on Friday. Our school colors were navy and orange.) So. . . I washed the scarves. Well, I had to give them over to my little sister for her dolls--they were the size of pocket hankies!!! I still don't trust a label that says "wool--washable." Ya, right--if it's wool, it's the dry cleaners.

The lower photo shows the jeans of the 50s. I wore boys jeans early on and there is the Ship & Shore white blouse and the mandatory neck scarf and saddle shoes. In the backgroun is the "new" Mt. Morris VFW--no trees yet or paved drive, so it was early 50s. I was enroute to the apple orchard in back of the VFW, so I think it was a warm fall day.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Breakfast in 1996

I can't tell you much about this photo except that I found it in an album of photos where I keep 40-50 years worth of Christmas card photos, and it was in a section with Lynne and Sylvia's families (what adorable children!) I wasn't often around for these mid-year events, but I think Lynne and/or Sylvia used to gather up some folks for coffee at the little restaurant on Wesley when Nancy L who lives in California was in town. My photo-detective eye spies an artificial pointsettia in the foreground, so I'm guessing this was December 1996 and I was probably in town visiting my parents so I got invited. I probably took the photo because I'm not in it, and I do have a vague memory of seeing Deb at one of these coffees, and I don't think I've seen her since. From the left: Francine, Deb, Nancy, Sylvia, Lynne, Marion.