Saturday, October 31, 2009

Memorial tree's first fall

Our memorial tree had a lovely first fall, according to Lynne--it was lovingly watered and watched over by several '57 class members.

The leaves fall.
Autumn is closing the windows
on the year.
But this is just
a moment in time.
There is always that eternal hope
that looks ahead to the glorious green and
flowering life of a new springtime
just over the horizon.

Update: Another photo at a different shade in the color spectrum and angle as the season changes. Isn't it lovely?


Anonymous said...

Poems are made by fools like me but only God can make a tree...whomever wrote that was dead on! Lynne

Anonymous said...

God can make beautiful trees, yes indeed, but he also gave you, Lynne, a talent to write beautiful meaningful poems.....

Mike and Judy said...

What a beautiful tree, and thoughtful people to tend it. Makes me proud, indeed, to be a member of MMHS class of 1957. A pat on the back from me. Mike Balluff

Anonymous said...

that is a long forgotten poem of mine. I had forgotten all about it and wonder where it came from . I must have sent it to someone who saved it. I usually do not and this is not especially a good one. time I'll try to do better....