Saturday, March 03, 2007

Eighth Grade Trip to Chicago

Early on a May morning in 1953 the whole 8th grade class boarded a yellow school bus bound for Chicago and the city sites--and as it turned out, smells as well.

It was the custom in our district in the 1950s to treat the 8th graders to a trip at the end of the school year. The destination was always Chicago, 90 miles east. First stop, Chicago Stock Yards. We were all small town kids and our village was surrounded by farms, but one whiff of the stock yards and everyone on the bus gave out with a collective P-U and windows were quickly closed.

I don't recall where we had lunch, but the afternoon was spent at the Museum of Science and Industry. It was an exciting experience--our eager young minds taking in the simulated coal mine, the vintage cars, seeing yourself on TV, so many scents, sounds and sights--the wonders of science.

Photos by Nancy L. and Norma C., memory by Lynne F.

Mike S., John Jon M. and Ken Z., possibly Glenn O. in the foreground. Might be Bob C., Jerry B., Larry S. in the background. Sara Y., Salley O. and Sylvia T. in the background. Some of our teachers on the top steps. Add a name in the comment if you recognize anyone else.

Left to right: Francine K., Norma C., and Priscilla D. "We're still all friends today," says Lynne.

Kay A., Sally O., Sara Y.


Mike B said...

A few more names to faces in the top photo-Dick Z by Jon M's nose,above Jon's head is Nancy L,and looks like Gerald B in front of Nancy.Marion D on Jon's right shoulder, Daisy W over Zink's head at top of steps.I don't think that's Glen O-as he was not that big then- we called him our "98lb weakling". I wouldn't kick sand in his face now! Steve B is over Marion D's head looking down to his right.It looks like Sharon R is just to the right of Nancy L's left. Priscilla D is peeking around heads just to Sylvia's left. It appears that I am behind Mike S with my right elbow out. Great pic! So many memories! Thanks

Norma said...

Mike, I wouldn't want to say you wouldn't know your own elbow, but I think that might be Darrel M. The guy in the foreground might be Neal J., because he got kind of tall in 8th grade. I think you're right on with the other IDs.