Sunday, April 01, 2007

Memories, a poem

Lynne F. submitted a prose poem for the blog about memories, and I looked through Nancy's photos and thought this one of some of us looking in the distance might fit. We are actually watching a spring baseball game (March 1953), and it must have been muddy so we're standing on a board. Look at those white shoes! I sort of like the far away look, like we're trying to figure out what will happen. Tina, who is now a great grandmother, looks right at the camera and smiles; Lynne, who grew into a real sports fan, is looking somewhere else.

Left to right: Lynne (back turned), Sylvia H., Carol S. (class of 58), Priscilla D., Norma C., Marion D. (partially hidden), Francine K., Sara Y. and Tina K.

". . . but memories remain forever. Real memories of happier, more innocent days before we came to know the world. But they are always with us, running parallel to the present, shining like stars in a cup of water, as some poet said, lighting up our path, and never going out." by Lynne Fleming Wilburn, 2002

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