Monday, April 16, 2007

As American as apple pie

The Snodgrass family farm was on the road to Oregon (if you were driving to Rockford it came out north of Oregon along the Rock River), and the house is a classic American Four Square, or Prairie Box, popular from about 1890-1930. Although I don't know when this was built (maybe Nancy or Don know), those little side porches were designed for rainy weather--you could drive the carriage or car up to the house, and not mess up the living room. If you grew up anywhere in the midwest, you knew this house--comfortable, airy, and perfect for families. They worked just as well in the cities as they did in the country.

And here's one of the main attractions at the Snodgrass farm--Flicka and her owner Nancy. I think the whole class knew Flicka, and of course, we all thank Nancy for her many years of calling us back home in the summer for our reunions.

As I remember it, Flicka was much nicer than my horse. And did you know my horse originally belonged to the Orrs? I wouldn't claim that Ordy taught this horse bad habits, but I remember Sara Y. and I riding double on him south of Mt. Morris, when the saddle slipped sideways and we both tumbled off, each hanging on to the other. The old puff-out-your-belly-trick when they tighten the cinch. Just one of the many dangerous things you never told your parents!

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