Thursday, April 26, 2007

The hang-outs

You'll probably remember a few of these spots--places a youngster could hang out with friends. First, there was the Townview Dairy. Great place to stop for an ice cream cone. I remember stopping there during band concerts in the summer.

The next photo has a few classics in it. The Ogle Cafe, next door to Redding's Furniture store which sold all the latest records teenagers wanted, across from the Lamb Theater where we went for movies (for 50 cents), with a 1956 pink and white Ford owned by Delbert Spickler, Barb H.'s brother-in-law. Wonder what that car would be worth today?

We had two drug stores (pharmacies), Zickuhr's and Felker's, both with lunch counters and booths. Both were teen hangouts. I worked at Zickuhr's both in high school and one summer when I was home from college. It was owned by the parents of our class member, Dick Z. Alice's homemade sandwich filling and Mrs. Felker's coffee cake kept the customers coming back. We kids liked the cherry cokes and green rivers (what was in those?).

Zickuhr's was originally (1937) at the corner of Main and Wesley, and after they built a new building a few doors to the east, Fran's Dress Shop moved into that space, and that really became a hangout--at least for the girls. See Lynne's story.

Downtown looked like this when we were teens.

Thanks to Nancy S. for the photos.

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Anonymous said...

Don't forget the "dairy whips." Yummy and fondly remembered after all these years.