Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The old elementary school

served the town well--just a little over 100 years. You can't see it from this angle, but remember the fire escape on the other side. Woo woo! What fun! Originally this building with four rooms educated both elementary and high school. There was an addition added on the west side in 1886, and then another one in the 1950s (is it still there?) But does anyone know when the addition on the southeast side was built? Obviously, it was before 1951, because the next photo shows part of our 6th grade class with Mrs. Withers in that upper classroom. Look! Nancy and Moe are sitting together! Is this where it started?

I've forgotten some names. Who is sitting behind Dorothy R. in the back? Who's behind Betty L. in the back? Who is the girl behind Darlene H. in the back? Can you pick out your cartoon drawing on the wall? Mine is Trigger right next to Woody Woodpecker. I only knew how to draw horses. For having no art curriculum in the school, I'd say we did quite well, wouldn't you?

Here's one of the eighth grade classes--Mrs. Burstrom who also directed the senior play when we were in high school. The only names I don't know are the two girls on either side of Barb H. Everyone else was in. . .the other 8th grade. . .was that Mr. Rahn? Or was he 7th grade? Where did Mr. Appler come in?

Thanks to Nancy S. who sent the clipping about the demolition of the school in 1970.

I would like to post some photos of the country schools. These are the names in the county history, but I don't know who may have attended or when they were closed. I know Glen O. and Bonnie W. went to Victory School. There was a Center School of Trot Town, and I'm guessing the Thomas girls went there; Coon Creek which closed in 1956; Union School east of town; Cedar Bluff auctioned in 1950; Fairview School; Maple Grove; New Junction.


Anonymous said...

Sitting behind Dorothy R. is Evelyn Zigler. Sitting behind Betty L is Betty Petersen. Sitting behind Darlene H is Donna Abbott. My drawing on the wall is Little Lulu. I was so proud of that since I couldn't draw & wish I had it today!

In the class picture with Mrs Burstrom the girl to the left of Barb is Betty Peterson. To the right is Naomi Cullin, but I certainly could be wrong there with that name. I have a picture of her somewhere & if I run across it, I will check out the name for you.

Hope this information helps you out.

Anonymous said...

Correction on the 8th grade photo: that is Winona Cullison--I found the picture.

Nancy S.

Anonymous said...

it is hard to believe we ever looked like that!!!Thank goodness some one out there has a good memory for names...