Friday, February 26, 2010

Where is Mt. Morris?

Today I got an e-mail: "What state is this Mt. Morris in? A specific location appears nowhere on the blog's landing page. FYI there is more than one Mt. Morris High School in the USA!"

My reply: You're right. It must have slipped off somewhere in the various template changes after the reunion was over, because that is an irritation of mine. Many libraries and schools don't list the name of the town or state on their webpage. It can be figured out from the temperature out-click, but a reader shouldn't have to work that hard. The same thing happens on Facebook.

It is Mt. Morris, Illinois, and the school from which we graduated is now defunct/decommissioned. The town has about 3,000 people, at least three blogs for various class reunions, a webpage for the town, and the last I counted, six different corporate Facebook pages, 1 for the town (over 1,000 participants), 1 for school alumni, 1 for memorializing deceased residents, 1 for the Moose, 1 for Trinity Lutheran, and 1 for Church of the Brethren.

Welcome to Mt. Morris, Illinois.

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