Friday, May 11, 2007

Trips to Chicago

On May 11, 1957, the senior members of the National Honor Society--Sara Y., Sharon R., Norma C., Sylvia T., Sharon G., and Nelson P. went to Chicago with their advisor, Mr. Harvey, to see a play, "The apple cart," by George Bernard Shaw, and the Cinerama production, "The Seven Wonders of the World." Two guests, Mr. Yoder, and Mike B. accompanied the group as guests. I've been wondering about this event which was reported in the final issue of the Hilltopper. Why don't I have any memory of going? Although I do remember going to the play J.B. in Chicago with some group from school. Nor do I know why Mike B. was the only classmate invited as a guest, unless it was to protect Nelson from all those girls. Mr. Yoder probably drove a car, because even with the huge sedans we had in those days, all of us wouldn't fit in one car. But if you had asked me before today if I'd ever seen a Bernard Shaw play, I'd have said no. Nelson P. was the Editor of the Hilltopper, so I'm going to assume he wrote the article because it is mentioned that the comedy was a social protest, which would have gone right over my head.

Then on June 3, 1957, the FHA (Future Homemakers of America) went to Chicago to visit the Merchandise Mart, with lunch at Sears Roebuck. Thus inspired, they went shopping, then relaxed at a nice restaurant for dinner (there was a typo in the Hilltopper that referred to them as "sinners"). In the evening they split into two groups, one to see "The Ten Commandments" and the other to see, "Around the World in 80 Days." They would drive back to Mt. Morris around midnight. The article doesn't provide names, and we can't be sure who went (seniors had already graduated by then), but seniors in that organization were Pat B., Nancy G., Barb E., Mary Lou S., Debora P., Daisy W., Donna B., Lynne F., Judy T., Diane B., Dorothy R., Bonnie W., Nancy S., Carol K., Sharon R., Francine K., Priscilla D., and Nancy L.

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