Thursday, May 17, 2007

May 17, 1957--The Prom

The following article is taken from the final issue of the Hilltopper, our school newspaper, May 31, 1957. It was written by Joyce Knowles and submitted here by Carol Samsel. Photos from Mounder 1957.

"The annual Junior-Senior Prom, Mexican Promenade, was enjoyed by approximately 50 couples this year. The dance took place in a Mexican market square containing a cafe, with an outdoor hacienda, a cantina, a band shell and numerous shops.

Many people believe this has been the most original theme in many years. Every thing used was authentic from the big Mexican sombreros to the little hand tooled shoes and hand painted vases. Even the band shell was copied from one in Mexico.

After the "senoritas and senors" enjoyed their Mexican Promenade, they journeyed to "El Lamb" where they watched a horror show entitled THEM. Following the show, a fiesta was held by the senior mothers at the Moose Club.

A prom wouldn't be perfect without a picnic however, so the "night owls and early birds" were up early Saturday morning picnicking at the Pines.

Neither would a dance be perfect without a nice long siesta. So, if there are still some senior stragglers here Wednesday, wake them up; school is out.

Entertainment at the prom banquet on Friday night, May 17, included the Mello-Tones who were directed and accompanied on the piano by Mrs. Helen Lou Kelsey. For the Mexican theme the group selected "Serenade of the Bells" and "Sorta on the Border." The latter number was highlighted by a cornet solo by Salley Olsen and the accompaniment of a rhythm section consisting of Steve Covin, maracas, Jim Graf, castanet, and Connie Frey, claves.

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