Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Senior Class Will and Prophecy

In the final issue of the Hilltopper, the senior class will and prophecy were posted. Also departing plans. I won't list them all, especially if, well, you know. . .some were mean. Kids!
    Myron B. leaves his safe driving to Mr. Harvey.

    Diane B. leaves her ability to talk to Joan K.

    Duane B. leaves his Model A to next year's driver training class.

    Steve B. leaves the Canteen--at last!

    Barbara E. leaves her mother with Martha.

    Lynne F. leaves her neatness to Neal J.

    Priscilla D. leaves Mr. Worley to the juniors.

    Glen O. leaves the lab windows--clean.

    Glenn R. leaves his golf ability to Mr. Burstrom.

    Ken Z. leaves his money-making ideas to Steve C.

    Marv M. left.
Junior class supplied the prophecy.
    Diane B. is going to be a gossip columnist for the New York Times.

    Norman G. is famous for his imitations of Hollywood stars.

    Glen O. is a circus barker, and Melvin K. has trained his beagle to be in Glen's circus.

    Francine K. is in the 1960 Olympic games for hammer throwing.

    Sharon R. is queen of the Rose Bowl of 1960.

    Judy T. makes letters for alphabet soup and Sylvia T. is her proof reader.

    Dick Z. is no. 1 caddy for Mr. Burstrom.

    Greely M. is Mrs. Price's bodyguard.

    Norma C. is writing an advice column.
Some plans for the future for the seniors.
    Mary Jane F. planned to drive a chevy.

    Carol K. planned to go to college.

    Pat B. planned to work and get married.

    Lynne F. planned to work, work, work, work.

    Nancy L. planned to go to Florida.

    Judy T. wouldn't tell.

    Jerry T. planned to work and enter the service.

    Dick Z. planned to have a ball.

    Daisy W. planned to go to school in Nebraska.

    Donna B. planned to get married.

    Dwayne Z. planned to farm with Mary Jane.

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