Friday, May 04, 2007

Breakfast cookout--senior girls

It is my hope that we've all improved our cooking skills since May 1957 when some of the senior girls gathered for a breakfast cookout. We were not like today's students who would probably stop by a Starbucks or McDonald's. No, we had bacon, eggs, o.j., milk, and someone probably figured out how to make toast on an open fire. I'm trying to remember what the occasion was, but the only thing I can remember is that we were allowed (or flaunted the rules) to wear casual clothes to school, so we combined that with a breakfast. It must have been a chilly day--we're all bundled up.

Upper left is Lynne F. pouring orange juice; upper right (that is not smoke, just a bad exposure) are Sylvia T. warming her hands, Darlene H. watching, and Nancy L. wondering if she should blow on the fire; then lower left is Francine K. stirring the eggs and Darlene trying to take the spoon (or is that a rake?); Then lower right is Nancy blowing on the fire (her mother was our Girl Scout leader), with Frannie laughing (surprise!) and Nancy's back to the camera. I don't know who that is in the white Illinois sweat shirt with loafers and white socks, but she's in 3 of the photos (possibly Pat B?). The picnic tables look like we were at the White Pines State Park, but the shelter house in the back ground doesn't seem right, unless it was the one right at the entrance.

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Anonymous said...

We did this sveral times during our junior and senior years..we get up at the crack of dawn and go to the Pines and make a fire and cook our breakfast...hurry back to town,change,grab our books and run to school..we were a real bunch of outdoor types,some of us still our.