Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Trinity Confirmation Photo

Many members of our class were confirmed at Trinity Lutheran Church in Mt. Morris in the Spring of 1953. Nancy S. was a member of that class and has submitted the group photo. The Library of Trinity has all the confirmation class photos, in case you needed to check on another year.

I'm going to make a stab at the names, and if I'm wrong, I hope someone will send a correction: Left to right, back row: Nelson P., Neal J., Mike B., Glen O., Pastor Stone, Carl L. (class of '56), Dave S., Dick Z., Bob C., Don H.
Left to right, front row: Larry B. (class of '56), Fran K., Priscilla D., Salley O., Judy T., Tina K., Ebba L., and Nancy S.

I just visited Trinity this Easter. What a lovely sanctuary and organ. Here's what it looks like today, much like it did 60 years ago when it was built and when these handsome young people confirmed their baptism.

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