Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Neighborhood sporting events

Mike contributes this memory of the old neighborhood:

"There was a barn in the back of the house where we lived on Main, but the barn in back of that belonged to Otto and Mae Herzfeldt. Greeley Myers and I built a basketball court in the upper story of our barn where all the neighborhood guys would gather to play hoops--Nels Potter, Mike and Dave Powers, Duane Blake, Gerald Blake, Greeley, John LeVar. Others I seem to remember playing were Marv Leopold, Jon Martin and maybe Lloyd Pretsch and Steve Brinker. Maybe Greeley would remember more detail. We used to choose up teams and smell armpits--(big joke back then). They all participated at one time or other, until someone fell through the floor and landed on top of Marge Tice's car's hood. He wasn't injured but put a considerable dent in the aforementioned auto. This not only made an impression in the hood, but also one on my father and Miss Tice. We promised to repair the hole in the floor before we played again, but that did not make my father happy. He removed the ladder that was nailed to the wall where we gained entrance to our gym and the future basketball schedule was cancelled.

There were great baseball games too in back of the Powers house in that field. I think that a car wash is there now. I don't remember any games in the street. I remember Dave Powers got hit in the head with a ball, but no damage except a large hematoma. His head looked like a basketball with a growth. All I can remember him saying was "I'm telling Mom"."

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