Sunday, December 21, 2008

Dave and Sylvia are everywhere!

You'll have lots of fun watching this video--to support the Mounder statue project. You'll recognize Dave and Sylvia, the class movers and shakers.

Click Video to download and view a video created by committee member Judi Cassidy DeKoning.

The ram was chosen as a school mascot by the classes of the mid-60s, so the class of 1957 missed out on that, but you can support the cause. Here's the committee:

    The Mounder Statue Committee, Doug Wean, Chairman; Rod Miller (Vice-Chairman); Linda 'Jewett' Miller, Sarah 'Sally' Gray, Judi 'Cassidy' DeKoning, Lenny Wells, Joyce Carr
To see more about the progress, or to help with expenses, click here.

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