Monday, September 29, 2008

Classmate makes us all proud

From Sept. 15 Rockford Star:
    “Salley Wessels has won seven women’s Illinois Senior Amateur golf titles. No. 8 would be especially great for the defending champ because this year’s tournament is Tuesday through Thursday at Timber Pointe.

    “You are so proud of the courses around here, it’s nice for other people to get to experience what you get to,” Wessels, a 13-time Rockford Women’s City champ, said. “It also helps you realize how lucky we are around here.” . . .

    Wessels, 69, remains competitive against the over-50 crowd. She also qualified for the U.S. Senior Amateur and will fly out immediately after Thursday’s final round. She will miss the first of two practice rounds at the U.S. senior to play in the Illinois Women’s Senior.

    “I haven’t lost any distance yet,” Wessels said. “I still hit my 5-iron 160 yards. Of course, I still do some weight lifting, especially during the winter. I don’t want to think of it too much. It could be depressing.

    “I don’t get into the age thing so much, but it makes me feel good that I can still play with them. It makes me realize how many new people come into the state senior when people reach the age limit. There isn’t any tournament I can play in any more where I’m the younger. If I’m going to play, I’ve got to be able to keep up.”
Murray T (class of 56) reported on the 22nd: Salley finished 5th out of 118 in the Women's Illinois Senior Amateur. She's now traveling to Tulsa, Ok to play in the USGA Women's Senior Amateur ( 9/20-9/25) which she qualified for in August.

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Anonymous said...

Salley is a "champ" win or lose.She never gives up! We have several in our class doing just that,in one way or another.She is "class" and I am happy to have her as my friend and living up the street."We know not age,nor weariness or defeat"