Friday, September 12, 2008

Assembly, March 18, 1955

My husband's on a cleaning kick again. We already have the cleanest garage and office in the county, but he found mildew on some of the books! So I pull off my sophomore Latin textbook. (Yes, I "archive" a lot of things I'll never use again.) I open it up and find a completely incomprehensible translation of something from Mr. Kinsley's Latin class (I got a B on this paper and it was a gift), but also this cute program from a school assembly in March 1955, our sophomore year.

Neal J. wrote the program notes, and Ken P. (class of '58) did the drawing, which seems to be an Irishman playing a clarinet, but there's a barely detectible "M" on his shirt under the banner. Doesn't this sound just like the Neal we all remember and who left us before graduation to go on to college because he was so much brainier than the rest of us (except Nelson) and bored with high school?
    T.V. Suite: Our Television Suite is a satire on the types of programs heard on television. It runs the gamut not only from western to a Glenn Millerish band but also in special effects. Our "Hillbilly Belles" are Norma C., Gayle O. (class of '55), and Joyce K. (class of '56).
I have no recollection of this so I don't remember what the Belles were doing--did I play the trombone? Sing? Dance? Anyone remember? My parents didn't yet own a TV in 1955, so I must have been clueless what it was about.

Other items on the program were Thunder Song by Finlayson; Scotch Folk Suite by Davis (Neal reminds the students not to applaud until after the last movement); Sincerely by Fuqua Reed; Santa Fe Trail by Whitney a collection of folk songs; Lookie, Lookie, Wolf Boy by Walters; Little Suite for Band by Erickson; Tweedlee Dee by Scott; and Time out for a jam session by Handlon which Neal described as "mayhem." Mr. Johnson was a savvy guy--he knew to include those pop tunes to keep us all interested. He was one of my favorites.

From our class: Flutes--Sylvia T.; Clarinets--Sharon R., Neal J., Dianne B., Francine K.; Alto Clarinet--Lynne F.; alto sax--Nancy L.; Cornets--Salley O., Darlene H.; Horns--Priscilla D.; Trombones--Norma C., Sara Y., Steve B., Myron B., Dwayne Z.; percussion--Jon M. Obviously, the class of 57 ruled the trombone section!


Anonymous said...

Neil Johnston was both bright and engergetic. I am not surprised he was successful,likewise his brother,Warner. Off the charts smart with the respect deserved for Tom and Norma, Neither had his energy. Brains AND Energy just can't be topped. I hope Neil is well. Think of him often,he is one classmate I'd love to sit and talk with,if we could both sit still that long.

Anonymous said...

Murray sez:
I remember Neil running for office but don't remember what office it was. He promised in his campaign speech that he would work towards Coke machines in every hallway. The jocks in the class of '56 backed him all the way. Back then of course, Coke was just drank and not sniffed!