Friday, January 18, 2008

Classmates in serious auto accident

A note from Sylvia: "Mary Jane and Dwayne Z. were in a car accident (1/11) not too far from their home. Apparently, someone ran a stop sign at a country intersection. Dwayne was thrown out of the car. Mary Jane was able to get herself out. Dwayne suffered broken ribs, a collapsed lung, and brain swelling and bleeding. Mary Jane had broken ribs and bad bruising from the seatbelt, but thank goodness, it probably saved her life.

Mary Jane wasn't hospitalized, is recuperating from her injuries at home. Dwayne has been in ICU, but will be released from there to a regular room, and then will be at VanMatre Rehab where they have excellent physical and occupational care. . . It will be a day at a time for awhile. MJ said their son came over tonight to feed the sheep and do the other chores."

Keep them in your prayers, classmates. They had their 50th wedding anniversary celebration in Leaf River in November.

Dwayne and Mary Jane Z.

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