Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Christmas memories

Our classmate Lynne blessed all of northern Illinois (and a few beyond the borders) with a letter to the Rockford Register Star in response to "Time to build new Christmas memories," Opinions, Dec. 10.
    "I, too, have wonderful memories of a mother who took three small girls to Chicago on the train to visit Marshall Field's at Christmas time (we went twice a year, but always at Christmas time).

    Each of us got to pick out a special ornament, have lunch, marvel at that huge Christmas tree and then go to the art museum for the balance of the day, as our mother was a commercial artist and a frustrated watercolorist.

    Our mother is gone now, and we seldom get to Chicago anymore as we are all over 60. But the carefully selected ornaments and the special outings to Field's with our mother are among our fondest fireside memories.

    Thank you for stirring the embers on some of our fondest memories--and my wishes for a very Merry Christmas."
And thank you, Lynne. I'm sure there were a lot of misty eyes as the readers recalled their special times.

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