Wednesday, July 04, 2007

A salute to our veterans

I'm back at Lakeside and won't be in the Mt. Morris parade today with my classmates, but I hope someone will e-mail me some photos to post (don't use this e-mail--but you can use it to ask me where). Last night at the program of the Brass Band of Columbus they did a salute to the veterans, playing all their hymns and had the veterans AND their families stand up. So here's my salute to our class veterans. Because of the pre-Vietnam era of our youth, the exemption of fathers and married men, and college students from the draft, many in our class were exempt from the military.
    David S. did enough time in several branches of the service to count for all of us who didn't serve. According to the class bio, he was in the Air Force 1957-1961, the Navy Reserves 1966-1977, Active duty 1972-1977, and the National Guard 1981-1994. Besides all the states he served in he also saw Korea, Okinawa, Greece, Italy, Taiwan, Vietnam, Philippines, Japan, Guam, Palau, Ulithi, Hawaii, and Panama, then because he must have been the oldest guy serving in Desert Storm, he also saw Saudi, Kuwait, and Iraq. It's a good thing Sylvia and Dave's romance back in the 50's was sparked by letter writing! I think Dave is just happy to stay home and garden and give commands to little dogs.

    Sharon "Squeaky" G. joined the Navy a month after graduation and I'm thinking that's where she met and married in 1961 Lonnie (died 1993). Her bio doesn't say how long she served.
    I know Lynne F.'s husband Ed (died 1998) served, but that was before their marriage, so she didn't do the term with him, but we salute his memory, too.
    Bob C. also joined the Navy in 1957 and served until 1962 with an opportunity to see some interesting places. He also served three 6 mo. terms as a contract worker repairing helicopter radios in Vietnam after he left the service which led him to some new career opportunities.
    Marv M. served in the Army.
    Donna B.'s husband Dick who also was from Mt. Morris was career military, so she has seen a lot of places and military bases.
    After college, Glen Orr served as Captain in the U.S. Army Dental Corps.
    Myron B. served in the Air Force from 1962-1968 after graduating from the University of Illinois
    Daisy W.'s husband Charles who died very recently was also career Army, so Daisy also saw a lot of places and moved frequently with her family.
    Barb E.'s husband Jim (deceased) was in the service (don't know which branch) and she is active in the VFW Ladies Auxiliary.
I'm sure there are others, but Sylvia couldn't get bios on everyone for the booklet. So I'll ask for comments, or e-mail me and I'll add them.

Thank you everyone, for your service.

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