Sunday, July 29, 2007

The class of 57 drill team

After only a few hurried practice sessions, the ladies of the class of 1957 appeared in the Fourth of July parade marching with their. . . walkers! I didn't see it, but my nieces tell me it was great. Lynne F. submitted this photo.

I'm going to make a stab at the names--back row, Marion D., Lynne F., Jean M., next row Francine K., Daisy W., and Ebba L., then catching just a glimpse of their back sides, I'm guessing Nancy L., Sylvia T., and maybe Salley O. How am I doing?

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Anonymous said...

That isn't Fran,that is Mary Jane..Fran cheered us on from the sidelines..which we needed.It was an awfully hot day....and we were "game" girls by the time we pasted the old Brass Rail and the reviewing stand...It was such fun...and we can still do it.