Thursday, February 01, 2007

Slumber party fashions

This photo submitted by Nancy L. was taken at Francine K's birthday party in 1953. Top of the pyramid is Sara Y., middle are Deb P. and Tina K., then Nancy L., Sharon R., and Kay A. Me (Norma) in the background checking out the interesting drapes.

This appears to be a different party, but I'm guessing from the drapes, it's Fran's house again. And those are fake cigarettes--none of us smoked. From the left is Sara Y., Marion D., Deb P., Norma, Lynne F., and Salley O. in the foreground. Photo submitted by Lynne F.

Another slumber party here.


Norma said...

Note to anyone looking for updates: Because I have so many blogs, Blogger is blocking me from this one with a login mix-up. I'll not be able to add anything until we get it straightened out. Norma

Anonymous said...

Those were real cigts!! We didn't smoke them,someone got into their parents carton...a few smoked when they went away to school but by reunion time(50th) I don't think anyone smoked anymore...I never did...I tried once and throw up...that did for me.Slumber we can't get passed 2 in the afternoon without nodding off...