Sunday, November 05, 2006

Slumber Parties in the 1950s

We girls had some great slumber parties in the 1950s. The one that most vividly sticks in my mind was a "French-fry Slumber Party" at Fran's house. We each brought a few potatoes, someone had a deep fryer, and we ate all night. Lots of screaming and yelling of course, and we played music. I don't think anyone knew how to dance, but if they did, we did that too. This photo seems to be a morning after shot, but was taken at my house in 1956--before Mom redecorated to more neutral tones. Left to right is Francine K., Marian D., Sara Y., Kay A., Mary Lou S. (deceased), and Diane B.; Lynne F. in the front.

There are items in this photo that just scream 1950s: pin curls tied up with a scarf (no one had hair dryers); bermuda shorts with knee socks; hard sided over night cases; scarves tied under the collar of a neatly pressed white blouse; big print wall paper in the living room; book club novels in the bookcase; hair cuts by Mom; and home permanents we gave each other.

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