Friday, October 20, 2006

Our second class reunion

The Mt. Morris High School graduating class of 1957 held its 10 year reunion at the Mt. Morris VFW on July 1, 1967 with 30 of the class members present, along with friends, husbands and wives. Dancing and reminiscing followed the smorgasboard and program. Members had come from as far away as Hawaii (stationed in the Navy), Texas, and California to attend.

Today's quiz: Who is the mystery woman in the back row hidden by Jean's head? How many years before the guys would be trading those skinny ties for fat ones? Our first guest and commenter was a member of what very famous class of MMHS?

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murrayT said...

H.A. Hoff was the superintendent, Evan Kinsley the principal and Seymour Myers was your advisor. Who traded ties....I still have mine!