Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Mt. Morris Boy Scouts

This photo was probably taken in either 1951 or 1952 because they all seem to be pre-adolescent. I count six members of the class of 1957. Two were in the class of 1956 and two class of 1958--if my memory serves--and if often doesn't.

Quiz: Do you remember the name of the scout leader? Where was this photo taken? Who was the den mother when they were in Cub Scouts?


murrayT said...

I don't remember the Scout leader but my den mother was Mrs. Patterson. I'm not sure if this picture is of our "den" but that ununiformed lad in the front row looks kinda familar.

Mike Balluff said...

I think the kid in the front row was Dougie Rainey. I can name all the rest I think. This was troop 50 and the scoutmasters were George Reeves and Pat Kellogg. We used to meet at the town hall, upstairs, to play prison ball and soccer baseball before and after the meetings. The troop evolved into a sea scout troop and we built a boat in the Rock River at Maxson's Manor. I can remember these things, but can't find my keys.

Norma said...

Prison ball. Hadn't thought of that in years.

Got any photos of the boat you can post? That sounds like a great project.