Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Class of 1957 enters Tree Contest

Photo of tree will be added later.

Update: Nov. 17:  Here is the class tree.  Our school colors were red and black and we're. . . let's face it . . . old and touched with silver.  So there's a black board with name of class, red apples on a silver tree.  Quite appropriate for the season, and our season.  Not sure who all worked on this, but I know Nancy Falzone was heading things up.


Lynne said...

We owe Nancy Falzone a big THANKS for doing such a fine job...We will do it again next year and the next or until we can't do the stairs anymore! Merry Christmas to all '57 class mates and Happy 2019...Here's to another year!

Norma said...

Thanks, Lynne.