Thursday, May 10, 2018

Celebrating May birthdays for the class of 1957

The class of 1957 can always find time for a party, and this year it was May birthdays, Marion Thompson, Mike Balluff, Nancy Falzone, Greely Myers, Lynne Wilburn, Dave Saunders, Steve Brinker and Bonnie Soresie.
Birthday party 2018
Five of the celebrities were available for the celebration

Sylvia writes in a group e-mail:  Yes, we had a very nice get-together this morning.  It was good to see everyone.  Thanks to Nancy for bringing the cake...and it was yummy.  And thanks Lynne, for putting all the tree plans in place....and we got 'er done.  It will be a beautiful tree and an asset to the well as the others that have been planted.
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Lynne provided details to the group about the tree—an oak—and reported on those of us who couldn’t make the trip to help in the celebration. She also arranged for the local paper to do a write up on the event and stopped back at the Campus CafĂ©  to thank them.
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Looking through my file, I found a party photo in the way-back machine.  Nancy’s birthday party 66 years ago in 1952—with a few ladies of our class—Sara, Lynne, Dorothy, Fran, Nancy, Norma, Pris, Betty, Deb, Donna, Kay, and Barb.

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Lynne said...

This is the place to set the record right and giving the credit to those who are due: Recent remarks "The class paid for YOUR tree project" are completely false. The last of the four trees planted on the Campus were all donated and class funds were not used. This "tree project" was the brain child of our classmate Priscilla Drummond Campbell. While visiting our village she noted the dead tree removal on the streets and Campus. When she returned home to contacted our village and asked if she could pay for replacements-she paid in full for three tree replacements. This is where I come in-she asked me to water and watch over the new trees-which I did. We also talked about replacing the 4th tree...she suggested the use of class funds,I told her I was unsure of how much we had on hand and suggested I get an tree estimate. I did and we decided that maybe we could raise the funds for the 4th tree among ourselves She donated a $100.00 to start things off for the 4th tree. The rest came from those interested in donating.( Ebba was the first to donate followed by Nancy L in CA. other donation followed) The nursery gave us a break on the tree piece because we were both into enviromental issues. The bal. went into the class checking account for future use( reunions/memorials, etc.). Giving credit where credit is due. Class funds benefits from this in the long run and in more ways than one!. 1. Priscilla's idea 2. No class funds used.( Bob C. often helped me carry water to the trees when he noticed) In we age we misremember the details and the ones thinking it was MY project AND using class money are unable to remember the straight of it We should all be proud of our part in this( they were all donated in the name MMHS'57) and just enjoy the trees and our contribution to our village. Thank you