Sunday, November 26, 2017

Class of 57 Christmas tree lights up the campus

Christmas on the Square in Mt. Morris has for several years welcomed organizations, local businesses, civil groups and alumni to decorate trees to be placed on the band shell. The class of 1957 has participated  and this is our third year--the trees are lit at night  giving a Christmas glow to the old Campus from Thanksgiving weekend until the New Year. The tree is black with red ornaments, and that is Nancy F. showing off the handiwork of Lynne W.

The 13th annual Christmas Cantata in Mt. Morris will be Sunday, December 3rd at Trinity Lutheran Church on Brayton Road at 3PM. This event is bringing together voices from all over Ogle county to make a joyful noise. Proceeds from the good will offering supports local pantries in the area with refreshments following (Note from Lynne:  I made cookies so avoid the oatmeal/cranberry!)

The Old Sandstone Gallery Holiday Art Show is new this year...featuring wooden holiday themed objects. Hours are from 3-7 p.m., December 2nd as part of Christmas on the Square. The Encore group is a newly founded group to support Mt. Morris growth in many ways, including the arts. 

The Mt. Morris Senior Center offers a fabulous breakfast as their part of Christmas on the Square from 8:30 to 11 AM. It is a real country Christmas breakfast and a fortifying  start to a busy day in the village.

 Pinecrest Manor holds an annual Open House during  Christmas on the Square from 2:30 until 4 p.m. with a craft fair and a to-die-for bake sale. The proceeds go to the Good Samaritan Fund.  And Santa fits in here somewhere...Never know when or where that big guy is going to turn up.

A sprinkle of snow and our old home town will look picture perfect for Christmas...I think I wrote a poem about it once.. .

Merry Christmas from your old home town and those that still live here...

(Since the blog owner has never seen this lovely event, I asked Lynne to write it up.)


old alum said...

She pretty much got the colors and the spirit right. Nice photo of Nancy Snodgrass Mongan Flazone. She holds the town pretty much together-she and Sylvia. I wish I could be home to see the old town one more time in the snow. The campus,the old house,the school and the town square. Just one more time before Father Time comes for me. What a childhood it was! Sad for all that did not have the grand old time we had.Thanks for this posting and for the continued news from my old home.

another old alum real old said...

Please don't forget Salley & Greely they do a lot of holding it together as well. They do so much and should not be overlooked. Nice site. I check if often for old time sake. Keep up the good work the four of you. and Thanks.