Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Remember this house?

Lots of parties and good times here, both during our school years and after. The first scan is what it originally looked like with a floor plan. The second is what it looks like today without the stucco, casement windows and gracious front window through which you could see a spectacular tree at Christmas. Yes, the Fleming home on Hitt Steet.


Mike and Judy said...

What a great house! I remember my dad taking me there to see Rose (was it Rose?) who was an artist, I believe. She was such a fine lady. We enjoyed our visits.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes late at night I think I can smell my dad's pipe smoke ..other times I think I hear my mom playing the piano or the three of us girls giggles...or see myself struggling with that "push" lawn mower up the hill in the back yard...and picking up rotten apples under the tree before I even starting huffing and puffing with the push....Ah,"the mist of age....may make those summer seasons dim..-Thomas Moore

Thanks, Norma, for posting and I hope it brings back some happy thoughts for some who filtered through this happy house..

Norma said...

This was a beautifully designed house--many of the designs in that book are. The kitchen, dining room and living room flowed, yet were distinct, and there was almost no space lost in halls, yet the bedrooms were private.

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