Saturday, July 11, 2009

Photos from the mini-reunion

Here are some photos and captions contributed by Nancy S., Sylvia T. and Lynne F. of the reunion and breakfast. What a gorgeous setting for a reunion! I'll add more as they are sent.

Lynne writes that the lake is man-made, in that Moe bought a back hoe and dug the lake himself. He also has a couple of marshs and recounted, when he took the group on the tour, the types of ducks, geese and other wildlife that enjoy the fruits of his hard work, pointing out all the different types of grasses and wild plants that call Moe's Lake their home. On the lake, hanging on a tree, is a rope swing for when the "grands' come and go swimming. Can't you just hear grandkids screaming and squealing as they let go of the rope and plunged into that cold lake water. It was a warm, sunny day but not hot for July 4th weekend and our hosts offered us plenty of shade.

With back to camera is Marion D., Jean M. in pink, Mary Jane F. in blue and white, Fran K. in raspberry, Lynne F. in red and Nancy S. in bright blue. Nancy keeps the lovely photo albums of our events--all 52 years worth of them. Her albums are class treasures.

Phil and Kay rest on Moe and Nancy's porch while visiting with the other guests. Kay you'll recall is class of 1958 and she and Phil dated in high school and have been married happily all these years.

The Nancys catch up on what's happening now.

Dave S. with his catch of the day! Kind hearted Dave hurried away to release the fish back into Moe's lake.

Pat B. and Darrell M. chat on the patio of Moe and Nancy's country home. The view and the flowers were spectacular. Lynne F. in the background talking with her hands, nothing much changes there!

Ebba L. arrives at the picnic all smiles. Note: Moe's corn in the background

Marion D. and Donna B. (Glenn's wife, class of 1959) enjoy the moment.

Our hostess Nancy G. chats with Sara Y.

Darlene H. and Ebba L. look for a spot to sit and talk.

Glenn R. and Nancy S's husband Don.

Greely looking fit after his recent surgery.

Here are Nancy L. and Lynne F. and Moe K. at the annual fire department breakfast. The class sat together and were greeted by many others returning for the festivities. The fire station had four tables decked in black and red (our school colors) with assorted Mounder memorabila such as cups, pencils and even key chains at each table. "They took good care of us... we did not want for a thing and it was appreciated," writes Lynne.

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