Friday, May 29, 2009

We'll see you in July

"Hi Kids!

Time is drawing near for our picnic event at Moe and Nancy's. All final plans were made last week. . . all is in readiness." Writes classmate Lynne.

"As we get ready to party together. . . our classmate Greeley is having another type of event. On June 1st our Greeley will be having some colon cancer surgery. His cancer is well contained and the outlook for a complete recovery looks good indeed. I was able to have a visit with "G G" and give him some support having "been there, done that" nearly 8 years ago. But no matter how many times you hear, "If I can do it, you can do it," it is still an unsettling thing, to be sure. If anyone would like to send Greeley a note of encouragement and give him some grins, I am sure he will appreciate it. . .and Greeley has asked for prayers. He is planning on attending our July 3rd picnic. If you need an address e-mail me (lflemingwilburn at yahoo dot com) and I will provide or check your class booklet from the last reunion it should be in there.

Diane B. is currently recovering from a broken ankle at Pinecrest. . .she is our first classmate to take up residence there, however temporary it might be. . . a doubtful honor to be sure. She is undergoing therapy and some of us visited her last week to find her doing as well as could be expected. . . but bored. She, too, could use some cheering and some "atta girl" pats on the back.

I spoke with Fran today, and she is doing very well. But after 3 surgeries since October she is not really looking forward to her fourth on June 3rd. The fact that none of the surgeries found any cancer is a positive thing and she is grateful. She has one more surgery to go to remover the growth on the kidney, which she will now be able to keep and be done with hospitals. She has had a long bout, but you know Fran. Today she cheered me up! She has heard from many classmates and thanks us all for our thoughtfulness saying, "it means a lot, believe me!"

All three of these stars from the Class of '57 plan to attend our July 3rd picnic, as Fran and Greeley both said, "I'll be there if I have to crawl," and Diane said she'd probably have to hop! Again, if addresses are needed for any or all of three let me know. . .

See you in July.

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