Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Scenes of Mt. Morris

Today I was scanning an old photo of my grandmother's from the 1890s of the Ladies Dormitory of Mt. Morris College (I think it is now the apartments), and decided to check the internet to see if there were others. I came across Digital Past of the North Suburban Library System, found it there, and then clicked on Mt. Morris. Although some of the entries don't apply, I think there are about 15 photos from the college and town, including Kable's (misspelled in one entry), the Lutheran church, band shell, some street scenes, etc. Seem to be postcards. The scanned 1904 encyclopedia (all the parts are actually there if you click on the photo, then on the catalog record) doesn't seem to mention Mt. Morris, either the town or the college, so I'm not sure why it is there.

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